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Sunday, October 28

Knowledge management component of SAP Enterprise portal

Knowledge management component of SAP EP provides central and role specific management of unstructured content from various data sources. To run knowledge management, TREX engine is required. This is used for searching the documents.

Following are the functions of Knowledge management

Integrating Reporsitories:
As already told, documents are stored in various repositories life file servers etc. In order to access documents and manage them, repository managers are needed. Open application programming interfaces are used to create repository managers.

Navigating in Folders:
Users can navigate within the folders of documents to reach the required document. They can access documents based on the role they have. The UI for navigating in folders can be configured.

Search can be performed on the documents name and content. Even websites can be searched using web crawlers.

Taxonomies and Classification:
A taxonomy is a hierarchical classification of categories based on content, organization etc.

knowledge management services:
Services like subscriptions, ratings, public reviews, feedback, and personal notes are available in the KM component of SAP EP.

Document creation and publishing:
Based on the permission and role that you have in portal, you can upload documents and create information by filling forms in the portal.

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