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Thursday, June 11


SAP EP comes with huge number of iview templates. I am trying to make a iview based on ABAP RFC Iview template. I have created a system object based on the ECC system. There are some standard RFCs which we can use to demonstrate ABAP RFC iview functionality. For example I am using Flight list RFC.

Wednesday, June 10

Portal related Iview Parameters - Origin and modification of Parameter Values

I am at MDU today. Let me introduce MDU to you
taken from MDU's website...

Maharshi Dayanand University, ab initio established as Rohtak University, Rohtak, came into existence by an Act No. 25 of 1975 of the Haryana Legislative Assembly in 1976 with the objective to promote inter-disciplinary higher education and research in the fields of environmental, ecological and life sciences. It was rechristened as Maharshi Dayanand University in 1977 after the name of a great visionary and social reformer, Maharshi Dayanand. It had a unitary and residential character in its nascent stage, but became an affiliating University in November 1978. The University secured the recognition of University Grants Commission – the higher education regulatory body of India - for central Govt. grants in Feb. 1983

SAP module called SLCM; Student lifecycle management business package is deployed on MDU portal. Within the package, Student role consists of various iviews like change Address, Attendance tracking, Academic records services etc...

When clicked on the link in detailed navigation for any of these iviews, the iview opens up in a new window. Following parameters passed to this iview. I wanted to change this behaviour and make the iview open within portal main content area and not in a separate window.

parameters passed to the iview

I want to change the value of NavMode. Current value it hold is 3 and I want to make it 1 such that it opens up in portal main content area. At Iview level, in the navigation type of properties, the value is "Display in portal content area" but this value seems to get overridden by Navmode=3 as passed in URL parameters when iview is accessed. Not sure from where above mentioned parameters are being passed and how to modify them.