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Wednesday, April 17

SAP EP Change Portal runtime mode. Activate emergency user in portal

How to change portal runtime mode

By using this doc you can change the portal mode from/to production to/from development.
In NW 700:
Navigate to System Administration => System Configuration => Service Configuration => Portal Runtime => Central Configuration
Once there, update the parameter == “development”
This is also a place to update the portal html head on all pages
portal.html.head.title == “SAP Net Weaver Portal Supported By ABC”

How to Activate the Emergency User in Portal

1. Activate the SAP* user:
Start the config tool for editing UME properties
In the tree, navigate to Global server configuration > services >
The list of UME properties appears.
To change the value of a property: Select a property from the list. In Value at the bottom of the screen, enter a new value.
a. Set the following properties:
ume.superadmin.activated true ;This activates the SAP* user.
ume.superadmin.password ;Enter any password of your choice. This defines the password for the SAP* user.
b. Restart the Java application server.
The SAP* user is now activated. While it is activated, all other users are deactivated. You can only log on with the SAP* user.
2 . Fix your configuration as required, logging on with the user ID SAP* and the password you specified.
Option1: User Administration Console

Option2: Visual admin Tool.

1. Server > Services > security provider
2. select Runtime tab > then select User Management tab
3. Switch to edit mode by click on pen
4. Search for locked user to unlock. (in our case dpsadmin)
5. Select the listed user and click Unlock button.

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