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Thursday, October 20

Netweaver Administrator Day to Day Work

This post demonstrates how a net weaver administrator can perform his day to day administration work. The application cassette of admin tools which are created using flex compatibles, flash libraries and JMX based infrastructure which is part of J2E standard. Here is our N2N J2E monitoring scenario using rich UI tools based on macromedia flex. The UIs are integrated into enterprise portal.
The overview page displays general utilities such as Calendar, notes & to do list. The tasks are stored in the form of xml. These files can also be integrated into universal work list & outlook.  The systems menu provides the list of systems & these systems are fetch from SLD. The administrator can perform various monitoring tasks using monitoring UIs.
The various screens can be rearranged according to need of the users. Using drag & drop functionality of performance monitor, the administrator can compare the performance of various systems. The graph displays the Hip size & time. 810 system is a SAP db system whereas J2E is a WAP application server, J2E stack. So here is the graph which compares the performance in the scale of time.
These monitors display data which are coming from JMX based infrastructure model. These UIs call JSP a page which in turns fetches the data from the JMX model & formats the information into the XML files, these XML files are render by the UI using flash player.
The UI can further be configured using the configuration UI tool. The information that can be displayed can further be enhanced and configured. Further the administrator can use application search for viewing his tools. Since the Net weaver administration finds everything as per as requirement & he satisfied with the key perform integrators, he decides to log off. The same application can also be converted into a stand alone EXE using shock wave player

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