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Tuesday, September 25

SAP EP 7.3 Upgrade related error

Problem - Getting import related errors for the following imports
import com.sapportals.portal.navigation.NavigationEventsHelperService;
import com.sapportals.portal.pb.fpm.IFPMEvent;
import com.sapportals.portal.pb.fpm.IFPMListener;
import com.sapportals.portal.pb.fpm.IFPMTopic;
import com.sapportals.portal.pb.fpm.INavigationTopic;
Solution : Try to add DC in project references- tc/ep/pagebuilder/api which is under EP-runtime
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Depricated API in SAP Netweaver 7.3

Which all APIs are deprecated in SAP Netweaver 7.3
Which APIs should be used instead of following APIs;;;;

SAP BASIS training Course content

What is SAP?
  • An introduction to ERP
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  • SAP AG: Evolution & Strategy
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  • SAP Services Overview ( OSS )
  • An introduction to BASIS
Basics to startup with BASIS Administration
  • An introduction to Operating Systems
  • An introduction to Database Systems
  • Overview of computer Networks
  • Network types & devices
  • Protocol & IP Address concepts
  • An introduction to Kernel Software
Description of R/3
  • Client / Server Solution
  • Overview of 3 layer interface
  • Types of Client / Server Architectures
  • An introduction to R/3
The Architecture of SAP R/3
  • Presentation Interface
  • Application interface
  • Database interface
  • Overview of R/3 Architecture
  • Overview of Dispatcher & Work Processes
  • The concept of SAP Instance
Landscape and Implementation Lifecycle
  • Overview of Software Development
  • Overview of SAP Landscape
  • Landscape types
  • Lifecycle Implementation concepts
Installation and Guidelines
  • Elements in SAP R/3 installation
  • Installation requirement
  • System sizing
  • Installation File Systems
  • Installation of RDBMS
  • Installation of SAPInst tools
  • Install central Instance
  • Load Database
  • Installation Database
  • Installation of Presentation Layer
  • Post installation Activities
Working with SAP server
  • Start & Stop SAP R/3 Server
  • Directory Structures
  • Overview of SAP MMC
  • SAP & Oracle Environment Variables
  • SAP Logon Pad configuration
  • Overview of SAP License system
  • Overview of Transaction & Dialog step
Management of users
  • Overview of user Administration
  • Managing User Master Records
  • Managing User Groups
  • Mass User Management
  • Managing Logged-on Users
  • Central User Administration
CCMS & Configurations
  • Overview of System Profiles
  • Overview of Operation Modes
  • Overview of Background jobs
  • Overview of Log-on Load Balancing
  • Overview of Memory Management
  • Overview of workload monitor
  • Overview of Os Collector
  • Overview of Performance Management
  • Overview of alert monitoring
  • SAP system Pro-Active Health checks
The Authorization System in SAP R/3
  • Overview of Authorization System
  • Maintaining Authorizations
  • Working with Profile Generator
  • Crating Roles
  • Maintaining Org. Levels
  • User Information System
  • Overview of Users & Authorization Tables
  • System Profile Parameters for User

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