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Monday, August 22

SAP Enterprise Portal Application in NWDS

SAP EP applications can be developed in NWDS. In NWDS, the developer has the option of creating a Portal Application project. In that portal application project, he can add portal components and portal services. He can add other resources in the portal application project. Then a PAR file can be created from the portal application project and that PAR file can be uploaded in the portal.
In order to upload the portal application on SAP EP, you need to provide SAP EP intallation information to portal perspective in NWDS. This is called configuration of portal perspective.
This is how it can be done
Configuring Portals

1. Select the menu Window->Preferences->SAP Enterprise Portal.
2. Choose Add, and specify the properties of the portal.
3. If you want to store the password, choose Yes, I want to remember passwords for deployment.
4. For setting it as the default for deployment, select the checkbox in the Default field of the configuration list.
5. Click Apply.

For creating the portal application project, folow the menu File->New->Project…->Portal Applications-> Create a Portal Application Project

For creating a Portal Component in the Portal application project, follow the path File->New->Other…select portal component later. Similarly for creating a portal service in the portal application project, select portal service later in the wizard.

When you work with NWDI ie when you work with geographically distributed teams and you would need teams to work on the same project at a time, you would need to create development component and package your portal application project in that development component.
As far as portal application projects are concerned, there are 2 types of development components viz : Portal application module and portal application standalone.
Both these DCs contain portal classes and structures corresponding to the portal application project they are encapsulating.
This is how you can create a new Development Component
1. Select the menu File->New->Project.
2. Select Development Component->Development Component Project, and click Next.
3. Select the Software Component where you want to add the DC, and click Next.
4. Specify the type of the DC:
○ To build a standalone application, choose Enterprise Portal->Portal Application Standalone (Packed in SDA).
○ To build an application module DC, choose Enterprise Portal->Portal Application Module.
5. Click Next.
6. Create an empty project and specify the archive name, and set the deployment type as EAR SDA.
7. You are done.

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