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Saturday, May 31

Setting up a Support Desk Scenario

This Wiki aims to assist whoever wants to configure an internal Support Desk scenario in the portal, in order to set it according to the business needs.
The Enterprise Portal offers a Support Desk functionality that allows portal users to create support messages which are sent to the internal support organization.
This mechanism provides internal help desk employees with a fully integrated message handling system. More information about it can be found at the following location:
Also more details about this iView can be found on SAP Note 641707
  • An SAP Solution Manager backend system must be installed and customized according to the documentation mentioned above.
  • An Enterprise Portal system is available for setting up this configuration.
Configuring the "Report a Problem" iview:
  • In order to create the new “Report a problem” iview and configure the same, proceed as per it follows:
1 – Create a new iview

2 – Select the option “Portal Component” and click on “Next”

3 – Select “” as the portal archive and click on “Next”

4 – Let the available option (EPSolman) checked and click on “Next”

5 – Specify an iView Name and iView ID for your new Report a Problem iview, click on “Next” and then click on “Finish”
  • Now that the iview has been created, in order to modify the options given for the user in regards to the available components in which the message is to be created, proceed with the following:
1 – Edit the iview created in the steps above in the Content Administration (double-click on it)
2 – Search for the property called “Solution Manager Components: The Administrator may add pairs of ('key' 'description') separated by Commas”

3 -- Write whichever combination of ‘COMPONENT DESCRIPTION’ you want, separating the same by commas as per the screenshot.
  • In order to set the iview you have just created to be the one displayed for the user when the user hits the “Report a problem” option:
1 – Edit the iview which you want the new Request Support iview to be shown in the Content Administration role and specify the PCD address of the new Request Support iview created in the setting “'Report a Problem’ iView Path” as you can see below:
After this was done, when the user clicks in the “Request Support” for the iview, your created iview will show up with the list of components as you have specified for it to be chosen.
If you create a new EPSolman iview as per the first set of steps mentioned and inform the following components in the property “Solution Manager Components: The Administrator may add pairs of ('key' 'description') separated by Commas” :

And then inform your created EPSolman iview in the “'Report a Problem’ iView Path” for the iview to which it should be linked, the Report a Problem iview will show the informed components as per it follows (showing the defined components):

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