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Monday, May 19

Multiple Language Support in Portal on Device (MFP)

You are using the Portal on Device (MFP) and it is not translated to End User languages.
Reason and Prerequisites
Before this correction the translation scope of the strings of MFP was set to de-DE, en-US, fr-FR, ja-JP, pt-BR, ru-RU, zh-CN only.
The specific SPs and patches containing the fix are visible in the "Support Packages & Patches" section of this note.
This correction will translate the Portal on Device (MFP) to End User languages,
identically to the list of languages that supported by the SAP Enterprise Portal.
Please refer to Support Packages & Patches link to view the versions including the fix.

Portal on device session issue on iOS devices

You have saved a portal on device web page as a shortcut on the home screen of iOS devices.
Every time you open portal on device from the home screen shortcut, you need to enter your login credentials and the session is not maintained.
Reason and Prerequisites
Portal on device uses a the specific meta tag "apple-mobile-web-app-capable" which sets a web application to run in full-screen mode once it is saved as a home screen shortcut.
The mode closes the web application session with each context switch.
A new property has been introduced to the "MFP UI" iView - ""
To solve the described issue, open the relevant framework page, open the MFPUI iView, and set the "" property to "false".