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Saturday, May 25

Custom theme for a Java web dynpro application in SAP EP 7.3

A java web dynpro application when run within portal, takes up portal theme by default. There can be business scenarios where certain web dynpro applications need be given a different theme than the one portal has. How to acheive this ?

Set WDJ application parameter
WDJ application has a standard parameter called theme. Once the application is launched, the value of that parameter can be set to a custom them which is avaialable on the Portal. In addition to this, the URL of WDJ application can be given a parameter called theme which can then be internally set in the WDJ application standard theme parameter.

There can be scenarios where in we need to run a web dynpro application standalone and still would want it to take portal default theme or a custom theme. Please post comments on this post if someone has ideas as to how this can be done...