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Friday, May 24

Launch Portal UWL from within an email notification

Various busines scenarios use UWL for the assigning tasks to respective task owners. It basically manages the tasks that individual need to perform as part of a business process. Whenever a particular task is completed, it is forwarded to the next business taks owner in the chain who then performs action on it to drag the business process to completion.

In UWL, we can make settings so that email notifications are send to the owners of the tasks wheneven a new task appears for them. They can then login to portal, navigate to the UWL and action their task. Alternatiively, we can provide a direct link to the UWL in email notifcation which the user can click within the email and directly the UWL page is opened for him.

UWL has various tabs like completed items, pending items etc. Custom tabs also can be created. Is it possible to navigate to a particular tab by default or to frame the question more appropriately, is it possible to provide 3 links in the email notification each pointing to a different tab within the UWL. So if the user wants to see completed tasks, he can directly click on the completed tasks link and the UWL page launches with the completed tab selected by default. Please discuss to shed some light on the matter...