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Wednesday, May 22

Change the text of Help option that appears in Iview options

It is possible to change the text of help option which is one of the options under IView options. This can be done by changing the text in a property file called which will be located at dist\PORTAL-INF\private\classes on the server, restart the portal and check if the changes are reflected or not.

In case the changes are not reflected, please comment on the steps to be followed...

Upgrade SP level of SAP Portal

We have portal installed and running sice last 2 years. Version is 7.0 SP 15. We want to upgrade the service pack to a higher version to suite system requirements. The backend to whihc we connect is SAP R/3 system which is undergoing an upgrade. How do we calculate which version of SP should we upgrade the portal to ?
Any information on the topic is most welcome and will be served as help to all others trying to perform upgrade of service pack of SAP EP.

Following some discussion of the internet, I came to know that we'll need to create a maintenance transaction with Maintenance Optimizer in Solution Manager system MOPZ will draw information from SLD and use it to calculate a Support Package Stack to apply to Portal system. MOPZ will also approve all files for download and add them to SAP download basket. In NW 7.0, you can use the Java Support Pack Manager (JSPM) tool to deploy this SP Stack.

But these steps are not pretty clear

How to create a maintancne transaction in with maintanance optimizer in solution manager system?
What is MOPZ?
how to start the Java support pack manager ?

Creating JCo destinations

JCo or Java connectors connect SAP EP to the backend systems from which SAP EP takes data to be displayed to the user. Unless you have JCos in place, you wont be able to connect to the backend systems. To create JCos, SSO configuration is a prerequisite.

There are two methods to create JCo destinations.
  1. Using the SLD web UI and
  2. Using web dynpro content admin tool.
Please post comments on the steps of creation of JCos using the above two methods.
Which method is more suitable and why ?

Options to customize logon page of SAP EP

Logon page of SAP EP can be changed from UME, from NWA wherein you can change the logon application property. How to change logon page's branding image and text from the config tool ?
how to change the Alias of the aplication for customizing login pages (ume.logon.application.ui_resources_alias) property?
Please comment if you are aware of the topic...

Storing video or audio files on KM

It is possible to store video or audio files on the KM component of SAP EP. But is it recemmended to do so ? For example I have a user manual in the form of a video....the size of which is 100 MB. If I upload this video on KM and provide its link on the portal for end user to access and watch it, will it be user friendly in terms of loading and playing ? What other solutions do I have for this requirement ?

As far as I remember, the default maximum file size allowed on KM is 20 MB. Don't whether it is possible to increase.
Any suggestions welcome...