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Friday, May 19

Maharashtra Sales Tax Employee Portal Implementation Learning

@NIIT Technologies, Marwah Centre, Andheri (E), Mumbai

SAP Enterprise portal is single source of access various structured and unstructured information within an enterprise. In its raw format, sap_bluecrystal theme is assigned to portal desktop by default. Portal is delivered with various framework pages like classic, ajax, fiori launchpad etc...

I am trying to implement fiori launch pad. Few learning shared below

Iview Property for Fiori LaunchPad Tile Display
Object ID of Device Group property of iview governs the display of its tile on fiori launchpad. The value of the property must be set as;;SmartphoneAndroid.

If the value is set to above, tile of this iview will display in Fiori launchpad else it will not display.

Activating UI Theme Designer in EP 7.3 and Above
From 7.3 version of portal onwards, UI Theme Designer tool is being delivered by SAP.  This tool is better version of Theme Editor. It has better usability than Theme Editor which used to come during 7.0 version. UI Theme Designer link can be accessed from within Content Admin->Portal Display->Portal Themes->UI Theme Designer.

If you do not see UI Theme Designer link at above mentioned path, check for below
Go to nwa->configuration->infrastructure->application Modules. Search for 'lafservice' in Module list.In the 'Web Module Details', in the components tab, select 'laf'. In the portal service details, select 'Determine what will be the theme runtime provider'. Change its value to 'LESS'. By default it is blank. Click on Save. Now 'UI Theme Desginer' link should be visible in portal content admin->portal display->Themes.

Embedding EP Desktop within HTML Iframe
This is about a requirement from the client which requires EP desktop to be displayed within iframe of another website. If you give the URL of EP ie http://:50000/irj/portal directly as the scr value of iframe, portal will not load. There is a specific alias that SAP delivers to enable portal desktop to launch within an iframe. The Alias is called 'interop'. There is a special property, the alias has. It is called 'nested_window', the value of this property is set as 1. Check in system admin->system config->portal display->URL Alias Manager. Select Portal/interop

The limitation with interop desktop is only one iview which is the first iview of first page of first role assigned to the logged in user will be displayed. So basically, it displays only one iview at a time.

If you want to run EP end to end with all roles assigned to the logged in user, you can assign the same property to the desktop you are using. For example, if you are using fiori launch pad desktop, create a alias for that desktop and assign nested_window property the this alias. Now give EP URL alias to the src tag of iframe, EP Desktop will render fine within the iframe.