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Thursday, May 15

SAP EP http to https redirect

we have webdispatcher installed on host cpcwd1. The external url is mapped to the internal webdispatcher
url through reverse proxy. Webdispatcher is connected
the AS Java system. Currently SSL certificate is imported in
webdispatcher and https port is only open.

Please let us know how we can convert the url automatically at the
webdispatcher level from to

The webdispatcher profile is attached with the message.
We have also tried the parameter -
icm/HTTP/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, FROM=*, FROMPROT=http, PROT=https,
which is not working

Solution :
The paramater
icm/HTTP/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, FROM=*, FROMPROT=http, PROT=https,
should work actually.
What i suspect is there is already paramater icm/HTTP/redirect_0 and
you are using same paramater again which will violate the earlier one.
(icm/HTTP/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, TO=/irj/portal )
Hence could you please change it to icm/HTTP/redirect_1= PREFIX=/,
FROM=*, FROMPROT=http, PROT=https,

We have tried setting the below mentioned parameter in Webdispatcher
but still it is failing.

We have EP installed with 5 application with SCS and DB. Below is the
FQDN for all the component -

APP server 1 -
APP Server 2 -
APP Server 3 -
APP Server 4 -
APP Server 5 -
DB -

On top of this webdispatcher is installed and the FQDN for
webdispatcher is -

Webdispatcher -

Through maintaining DNS entry the webdispathecr url
( is getting converted to Also a third pary reverse proxy is
used for url diversion in internet the same also converting from to in internet.
I have added the following two parameter separately and tested (added
1st parameter - did not work, then modified to 2nd parameter still did
not work) -
icm/HTTP/redirect_1= PREFIX=/, FROM=*, FROMPROT=http, PROT=https,
icm/HTTP/redirect_1= PREFIX=/, FROM=*, FROMPROT=http, PROT=https,

Please let us know how we can set the parameter in our scenario so that
while end user type - it gets
automatically converted to

please check the syntax with required spaces in the parameter
definition that you have maintained according to the following link
Problem :
Also I have tried all the possible combination (providing space) of
providing the parameter as discussed over phone. But still it is not

you need to open the port 8103 defined for http
The incoming http request is not reaching webdispatcher so that it can
be redirected.
If you want to change the http port then you need to change ICM
paramaters in webdispatcher profile mainly this paramater
icm/server_port_0 =
and below this paramater you can see other parameters as well where
http port is used,you need to change that as well.
You can involve network team and check with them regarding the present