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Monday, May 27

SAP EP Pictograms

Use your own pictograms. What are pictograms? Where are these used? Where are they located within SAP EP.
Pictograms are nothing but small icons which can be used to be displayed beside relevant text on applications within portal. SAP EP content admin tab has all the content that SAP EP needs to render to relevant users when they log in to the portal. These content are stored as content objects in hierarchical manner. Pages have iviews, Roles have Iviews, pages etc...
Each object of the hierarchy can be displayed along with a icon which is stored in pictograms folder under Web resource repository under content admin tab.

From SAP EP 7.3 onwards, each object in the portal content catalogue has a property called pictogram. by changing the pictogram property you can make the new icon appear beside that object whereever that object appears within the portal.
You can even upload your own custom pictograms within the pictogram folder. Also you can change the location of pictogram folder. It is by default as said earlier under the Web resource repository under content admin role. You can change it from nwa.
under the application:
find the service: navigation_mime_repository configurations
property: Path to Web Resource Repository folder where pictograms are stored

Please share your experiences with SAP EP pictograms and make this post more educative and productive to others in the SAP EP community...