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Monday, October 1

Android IT Training

Course Content:-
Core AndroidDuration 1 month
Introduction To android
Android Overview and History
Android Stack
SDK Overview
Hello World App
Main Building Blocks
Basic Android User Interface
Android System Overview
Advanced UI
Multimedia in Android
SQLite Database
Basic Content Providers
Advance AndroidDuration 2 months
Custom Content Providers
Location Services
Broadcast Receivers
Intent Filters
Prerequisite:- Familiarity with Java is must for this course.
Keywords : IT Training, Android IT Training.
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Session Beans, Message Driven Beans, JPA and Entity Beans IT Training

EJB 3.x is the new version of dreaded EJB 2.x. In the new release, EJB 3.x proves its mattle by simplifying developments of distributed applications and by introducing standard for ORM frameworks.. This IT Training is to make students expert in the usage of Session Beans, Message Driven Beans, JPA and Entity Beans.
Course Content:-
Introduction to EJB
Implementation of Stateless and Stateful Session Beans
Introduction to Java Naming & Directory Service (JNDI)
Introduction to Java Messaging Services (JMS)
JMS Configuration
Developing JMS Clients
Implementation of Message Driven Beans
Introduction to JPA
Relation between JPA and Hibernate
Persisting Entities using JPA
Implementation of Is-A Mappings
Implementation of Has-A Mappings
Bidirectional Association Mappings
Implementation of Entity Beans
Defining Client Applications for Session & Entity Beans
Prerequisite:- Core Java, Servlets, JSP and RMI is must for this course.
Keywords : IT training, Java training