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Friday, September 28

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design IT Training

IT training

Principles and practices of object-oriented analysis
Introduction to architecture
Principles and practices of object-oriented design
A few selected design patterns

Prerequisites :
Programming experience in any object-oriented programming language for at least two yearsBasic understanding of the OO concepts, such as classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, etc
Training Topics

Domain Modeling
Identifying conceptual
classes Class diagrams
Association and aggregation relationships
Association classes
Generalization relationships

State Modeling
Understanding the states of an object
State machine diagrams
Nested states

Designing Classes for Relationships
Representing associations relationships in class structures Navigability requirements
Qualified associations
Representation of association classes
Law of Demeter
Composition relationships
Dependency relationships
Abstract classes and interfaces
Object diagrams

Introduction to architecture
Overview of architecture
Model-view separation
Types of classes: Entity, Boundary, Data Store, Controller classes
Component diagrams
Deployment diagrams
Package diagrams

Use Case Realization
Distributing use case behavior to objects
Sequence diagrams
Communication diagrams
Interaction frames

Class Design
Basics of class design
Designing attributes 
Designing operations
Inheritance and Delegation
Delegation for multiple behavior reuse 
The Liskov Substitution Principle 
Programming to an interface 
The fragile derived class 
When not to use inheritance

Introduction to Design Patterns
Introduction to design patterns
Factory Method pattern 
Abstract Factory pattern 
Singleton pattern 
Fa├žade pattern 
Adapter pattern 
Observer pattern

Data Store Classes
Mapping class structures to table structures
Designing data store classes
Implementing data store classes
Trade-offs in O-R mappings
The Proxy design pattern

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