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Saturday, September 15

SAP SD Returns, Returnables, SD Batch Recall Training

SAP SD Returns and Complaints
Create Sales Order (VA01)
Create Delivery (VL01N)
Create Billing - Sales Order (VF01)
View Accounting Document - Sales Order (VF02)
Create Quality Notification (QM01)
Check Mail Inbox (SBWP)
Create Credit Memo (VA01)
Release Credit Memo for Billing (V23)
Create Billing - Credit Memo (VF01)
View Accounting Document - Credit Memo (VF02)
Create Return (VA01)

SAP SD Returnables Processing
Create Sales Order on Pallets (VA01)
Display Pallets Stock (MMBE)
Create Delivery and Picking (VL01N)
Create Billing (VF01)
Display Pallets Stock (MMBE)
Return Pallets (VA01)
Post Goods Receipt (VL02N)
Create Delivery without Order Reference (VL01NO)
Display Pallets Stock (MMBE)
Create Debit Memo Request (VA01)
Release Debit Memo Request for Billing (V23)

SAP SD Batch Recall
Create Basic Direct Mail Data (VC01N_M)
Get Batch Where Used List (MB5C)
Choose Address List (VC01N_M)
Generate Follow-up Sales Activities (SA38)
Processing Follow-up Sales Activities (VC01N)
Create Returns Order (VC01N)
Create Returns Delivery (VL01N)
Quality Inspections For Returned Deliveries (QA32)
Create Usage Decision (QA32)
Book Returns to Unrestricted/Blocked Stock (MB1B)
Release Credit Memo to Billing (V.23)

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SAP SD Consignment Processing Training

Create Sales Order (VA01)
Change Sales Order (VA02)
Print Sales Order (VA02)
Create Delivery (VL01N)
Display Delivery (VL03N)
Display Document Flow (VA03)
Pick Goods (VL06)
Create Billing Document (VF01)
Display Billing Document (VF03)
Print Invoice (VF02)
Customer Line Item Display (FBL5N)
Consignment Fill Up - Order (VA01)
Consignment Fill Up - Delivery (VL01N)
Consignment Fill Up - Picking (VL02N)
Goods Issue (VL02N)
Document Flow (VL02N)
Consignment Stock Overview (MMBE + RWBE)
Consignment Issue - Order (VA01)
Consignment Issue - Delivery (VL01N)
Consignment Issue - Picking (VL02N)
Goods Issue (VL02N)

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